music & sound

Ýli is the electroacoustic project of composers Catarina Estácio and Ricardo M. Vieira. + INFO

‘Não há Maria que Aguente’ is the most recent EP from Melífluo, a jumping off point for the band as we prepare for a new artistic residency, new recording and live performances in september 2022. + INFO

INSTANT ENSEMBLE – Ensemble de Composição em Tempo Real do Porto
A dança dos paroxismos (1929) by Jorge Brum do Canto
GNRation, Braga (2019)

The Braga Media Arts Educational Service invited the Instant Ensemble to score the short-film “A Dança dos Paroxismos” by portuguese filmmaker Jorge Brum do Canto.

Óscar Rodrigues – Artistic direction, electronics and electric guitar
Catarina Vieira – Electronics, chordophones
Manuel Brásio – Percussion and electronics
Ricardo M. Vieira – Electronics and piano
Tiago Azevedo – Cello

The Allogo was a piano + electronics collaboration with the incredible Gonçalo Penas upon invitation by Luís Rodrigues and Diogo Freitas to create an improvised live performance for DESINSTALASOM at ESMAE (2018).

A Pico 8 videogame created for Porto Graphic’s and IEEE Game Jam 2017. All tracks created in the Pico 8 engine.