We Press For Silence

Sound Art Installation presented at
SEMIBREVE Festival 2019 (GNRation, Braga).

It was supposed to be simple, silence, but it refuses to be simply defined as a bless or a meditative state. Silence is also stress, noise and it is chaos.
I hereby propose the disindividualization of silence.

We Press For Silence
is a claim for silence as
an act of urban communion.

As the centrepiece:

A journal written and illustrated by Thomas Hyle, a fictional wonderer exploring the many facets of silence while proposing a collective embrace of one’s silence rather than its isolation.

We Press For Silence

Conceptualized, Written and Programmed by Ricardo M. Vieira
Scenography by Filipe Harry Tootill & Maria João Manada

Comprised of:

  • 1 notebook;
  • 1 Arduino UNO;
  • 8 FSR;
  • 3 LED displays;
  • 1 art piece designed and built by Filipe and Manada;
  • 1 laptop;
  • 1 MaxMSP patch;
  • 1 audio interface;
  • 2 microphones;
  • 4 headphones;
  • a lot of patience, help, advice and some arduino spare parts by Élio Moreira and Rui Penha.