Ýli is the electroacoustic project of composers Catarina Estácio and Ricardo M. Vieira.

In its first iteration, Ýli was joined by the voice of singer Inês Malheiro embracing the multiplicity of one collectively imagined author, Thomas Hyle, through the concept of a playlist. In a fusion of genres, or even the lack of one, the trio therefore creates a unique universe of sound, refusing categorisation of music as a limit, a blinding wall, for the creative process.

“I refuse the ideia that the Universe is expanding. This suggests to the wondering mind a set of lines in which everything that doesn’t yet exist is simply waiting its actual existence. I do prefer to believe, however, that the Universe is my self-portrait, a multiple-being gazing into the void, creating.”

In fact Thomas Hyle can usually be found staring at an invisible and unmoving point somewhere in his mind, living his own reality and imagining us all in his work, making us as real as we believe ourselves to be.

For its second iteration, Ýli worked with musician and video artist Manuel Brásio to create a short performance for Duetos presenting new work.

Prepared for: Duetos | Gerador online magazine (2020)

Ýli is currently working on new material for a third iteration set for June 2022.